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Anonymous asked
Do you honestly think Seijuro will be coming back in this season of Free! ? I desperately want him to, but as the season goes on, my hopes and dreams are slowly dying...

Ughhhh I sure hope so ;A; i mean, they introduced his younger brother and gave him this whole first episode send off… Maybe he won’t show up until the last episode as a cameo, but man. He’s gotta come back at least once. My poor shipper heart can’t take it

Anonymous asked
Do you still believe in irosami?

In the fandom? Sure! Canonically? Not so much. Let’s be honest here. They’ve had hardly any scenes together over the span of three books, and it’s not likely to change soon (unfortunately) Luckily, Irosami is FANTASTIC for the fandom side of things! It’s great to explore ideas and relationships between two characters who wouldn’t normally interact. I’m not saying it won’t happen, it’s just not likely. So why not just enjoy it for the small, fun fandom it is?

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